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Fixed my flash

2010-12-26 00:37:28 by T-raz46

well i fixed my flash, now to figure out how to script games

Game engines???

2010-12-20 16:28:03 by T-raz46

hey does anyone know a good gaming engine cuz im trying to make a good RHG game since my flash crashed

first flash

2010-11-22 18:06:20 by T-raz46

well ive posted my first flash, and to whoever said "sux b4 it was made" check out the comments AND SUCK IT


2010-11-02 10:58:50 by T-raz46

HAHAHAHAHAAAA TODAYS MY B-DAY, lol that was loud <.<, so anyways, im working on my first flash, its prolly gonna suck compared to everyone elses... kay later!


2010-11-01 12:04:09 by T-raz46

hey will someone teach me how to make a flash??? thanks!


2010-11-01 09:53:40 by T-raz46

well, i made this juss to have my profile 100% messed with, so, what do i put here, like... shit about me, someone drop a comment explainin what dis thing 4.